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Business Etiquette: A Guide to Working Internationally

More and more people are working with colleagues, clients and key stakeholders from other countries and cultures and they want to get it right! The days of ignoring local business etiquette and differences in international business cultures is long gone.  Most people recognize that if they are to succeed in an increasingly global market place, they need to study the thinking of the people they will be doing business with.

World Business Etiquette has been compiled by experts under the direction of world leading cultural awareness and business etiquette expert, Keith Warburton, to help international business function better, to make international organisations more efficient, to give students practical advice to international business students and to make sure you enjoy the adventure of working globally.

Each country section is packed full of useful tips and advice on local business etiquette in an easy to read, non-academic style.  Keith and his team have gone to great lengths to ensure that the information on this site is both accurate and relevant and their constant involvement, in a training and consultancy capacity, with some of the world’s biggest international organisations means you can rely on the information on this site now and in the future.

Explore the world of global business etiquette and we hope your career and your company prospers.